A tool to assess the relatedness between any two given VRE isolates

About ClonalTracker

ClonalTracker assesses the clonal relationship between any two given vancomycin-resitant Enterococcus feacium (VRE) isolates. This tool provides information on the type of vancomycin resistance, type of transposon and whole genome similarity. To do so, it uses other open source tools: blastn, PopPUNK, RagTag, ISEScan, clinker and Mash.

This project is made possible by ZonMW

How to cite

If you have found ClonalTracker useful you can cite our preprint which describes the metohod.

License and Terms

Usage: ClonalTracker is free for everybody to use, and there is no login requirement. We ask users to be reasonable in their usage, and limit themselves to 5 concurrent jobs.

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